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Monday, October 11
Strenuous Sunday

Yesterday was one of those days. Everything happened at once.

Among other things, I went for a quiz (and was thulped in embarrassing fashion after making the finals with inordinate ease), ate again at Komala Vilas and was involved in an accident.

The accident (or rather taxi-dent) occurred thusly: we were in a taxi. The driver, in the usual manic style of drivers in this city, was zipping suicidally round corners and overtaking in a manner calculated to attract undertakers. What it did attract was the unwelcome attention of a traffic policeman. After an unpleasant altercation (of which I understood perhaps one word in five, it being in highly vernacular and uncomplimentary Bengali) he started to drive slowly off. Across a busy intersection. Still looking at the cop and muttering what I presume were foul imprecations. It was only when his five passengers screamed at him simultaneously that he deigned to notice the large truck ponderously bearing down on us. A judicious application of brakes saw us survive, shaken and stirred, but the taxi's front fender will never be the same again.

On an unrelated note, the labours of the previous week bore fruit; the online game I mentioned in a previous post went fabulously, resulting in our team being chosen as one of the two official teams representing the college. Also, the case analysis I was groaning about was well-received and I am among the elect half-dozen invited to make a final presentation and take a shot at some not inconsiderable moolah.

But the pleasure and elation is short-lived. Tomorrow, mid-terms start.....:((


Posted at 10/11/2004 7:22:47 am by lakesidey

October 13, 2004   08:01 AM PDT
Errmm...;) I fully agree with you! Both are villages....

But seriously, I can't appreciate a place where you hunt an address like "sector 41, area 26" and even worse, even the residents are not always sure which sector they stay in :P Haven't experienced Delhi proper, but Gurgaon and Noida give me the creeps I am afraid :(
October 13, 2004   02:56 AM PDT
noida a village? this is sacrilage for some1 like me who comes from delhi. well its as much of a village as salt lake would be!!
October 12, 2004   08:04 PM PDT
Will be home only for a day dear:) Will be in Noida (a village near Delhi;) for a while with little chance of net access....and then in Ahmedabad with no time to blog!

Besides I would not post from familuy doesn't know of my blog, if they read it I would have to seriously cramp my style....
October 12, 2004   02:35 PM PDT
thanks for the pics. As for your verses, totally abide by the copyright law there. Anyway have much of my own stuff to stuff my blog full.

Can't u continue writing from home? Would be a pity spending a week alone in joka without even the coffee-time-wuotes to give me company

October 11, 2004   08:26 PM PDT
i had a very bad experience in bombay once - took a cab from somewhere to the airport - i think it was where the asiad comes in from pune ... he took me round town god knows and it took much longer than normal to get there AND had to pay double! also once going from borivli to andheri - bad experience - got lost :)
October 11, 2004   05:27 PM PDT
In Bombay people drive fast but with a lot more regard for traffic rules. It is generally safer (especially for heart patients) than Kolkata. Also it rarely happens that an Auto/Taxiwaala would try to fleece you (I had only two such experiences in my nine years there) unlike, say Delhi where the Autowaala sees an outsider as free money:)

Fares, though, are considerably higher for taxis in Bombay, and you would be well advised to take an auto whenever possible (autos don't ply in the Churchgate-VT-Dadar area, elsewhere they are fine).
October 11, 2004   03:40 PM PDT
wow! eventful weekend. chapter of accidents. hope u didnt get hurt. btw - do the cabbies drive very carefully in bombay? :(
October 11, 2004   03:40 PM PDT
wow! eventful weekend. chapter of accidents. hope u didnt get hurt. btw - do the cabbies drive very carefully in bombay? :(
October 11, 2004   02:48 PM PDT
The images are fine :) Please don't use any of the original verse though....I prefer not to have that seen beyond my diary! (If it isn't original I will say so!:)

And thanks a lot Diamonds, need to start studying. Blogging levels are going to drop sharply over the coming fortnight......
October 11, 2004   09:35 AM PDT
Congratulations on your selection to represent the college!
And all the best for your exams.
October 11, 2004   08:33 AM PDT
heard abt the accident from my wingie... he was in ur cab. interesting incident for u fellows.

neway, this is to inform that i've copied some of the images from this blog and intend to plagiarise them at places out of bounds to anyone from this insti. Just hope you dont mind.

Cheero and put crack

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